Poetic dweller: Exterior investigation

Encrypted ether Daily defeat her Feat of valour eclipsed Ellipsis of clamoured aeon Pheromonal pulchritude of prophecy, eagerly ephemeral & skimmed earth's elemental Expressed excision of navigational sense Impressed integration of omnidirectional whence Sir's reel of motley requiem Celestial artistry Sundial magicianry Intangible tangent to brushed stroke Watchmaker's whim Clockmaker's sickle Matchwaker's hymn Him clang colours' airish trickle Heir molecular tonal Mothers Earthbound revenant's veins & outerworldly oceanic arteries Aquatic & aquatic hues & blues Deciphered Capsized tint, flotsam fleet Prized enlightening cargo Ship meant for world's end Illuminated buoyancy bought in light spillage, bright pillage

Poetic dweller: Exterior examinations

Horizon tall across ancient eyeway
Hue's way high in hearkened ark
Halo of the skies, crowned lux
Aureoles fragmentary atlas accentuate, permeating plethora
Ether's emblem blemished
Crest of digested demise
Herald of Hue imbuement illustrate
Bleeding solar sanctuary
Sank shield, sunken yield
Lanced crescent, imbrue heaven's brew, entranced descent of scented murk
Seeding lunar lanterns, bleeding buoyancy of beacon
Weeding worldly wake
Curled illumination, whirled ending of luminary levee
Pending, light's revenant spending
Bleeding lunar efficacious effigy
Fractions of temporal fractured
---- Re-actioned reality
---- Re-auctioned reality
Settling ball of fire
Day metaphorical pyre
The dire sire sirens night
The frail pale echoes fright

Creative poetry pondering on February

Does your mind's autofill
spill into mine?? 💡🌊🌊
Month's shining intertwining 🔦
Am I giving February a hard time? ☺☺

Hometown, poetic gown part 4

Reel in the luscious layers of lake Linger 'til the languish lash levitates to the lower brow Lids locked, docked dormancy in awe Trained pupil perpetually perceiving Interweaving afterglow of the sir's face Consciousness commanding aftercrop of liquid trace, of puddles petrifying semifluid poesy into greater paddles Saddled with befuddlement Trotting & knotting reality to hue-man's wake

Hometown, poetic gown part 3

Cull lough's divinity enshrined Serendipities, sculled scavenger Hull's harmony with body's alignment Aquatic acupuncture Bodily release of energised ephemeral

Aesthetical pondering: First the text, then the image or vice versa?? :)) Which variant appeals more to thy eye?:)

Hometown, poetic gown part 2

Porous panting
Chanting pores
Pouring shore
Permanent consumption
__ Pendant moisture
Trickle tickling the arm
Pits of suspended soul fickle
Pendants rejoice in the juice
Sacred beads, bedding culled
Hull's halls frontal frenzy of Purity
Reverberated remnants of its inner cure sheen
__ Suspending moisture
Forecasted spell
Enchantment panted in tongues
Eschewed inhalation
Chewable chastity of air
Hue-able drops ropes to rapture
Carnivorous soil entrenching, baptising soul's appetizing attire
Toiling vegetation besprinkled with
grazing grace
Carved half-rounded valley atop the diurnal ocular gaping in oceanic ether
Believer of buoyant immersion
__ Merging all liquid life
Teary respire onto torso
Beaded waters, heeded glands
Levee's breakage of unhinged orifice multitude
Audience of one sole
hung boisterously
Rearing slope of otherworldly spectation
Footprints of voices funneled
Eminent consecration of
acute audiating awe
Elysian fields forever

My hand can gallop w…

Hometown, poetic gown part 1

Haven ripple Lensing cleanse Misbehavin' wave Lacerable lens pens curled-up vita Dischargeable depths Perm of time consuming linear rhyme, delineate lining Curling shoots hurling roots To subterranean woe Woe's woven wealth Stealth to flesh's pulp Shaven sound, silence's core Waven rebound Trepid territory

Reflection: Does the picture take away from the individual imaginative conjuring or does it in fact compliment the poem adequately? :))
Do both elements serve each other well in your opinion or were you in fact linguistically misled? :))